Saturday, December 17, 2011

Scent of a memory

Winters of 2010. Early days at JS. College-going carefree days. Wedding. Work summers. Chilling in Oman.

Above thoughts rush to my head whenever I take a quick sniff of my favourite scents, preserved in my cupboard in their almost-empty bottles. Its a dejavu. It takes you back to a different era. A different time-zone. A memory in time.

Its amazing how each scent symbolizes a memory, a memory so strong, that a mere sniff can take you back to that time, take you back to feel those feelings, to experience those vivid details, and most importantly, to reflect.

These are not in the form of pictures, documents, video tapes, chits, slips, gifts, wrappers, or anything else. The entire memory is encapsulated in a mere sniff. A pure, intangible, and priceless scent. Beautiful in nature, striking in reality.

What one does not realize is how when you're looking at tangible memories related to a past event, you want to feel what you see. (Wait.. What?) Let me go again. You want to feel, what exactly you see or want to believe in. You don't want to modify it. You see a past movie ticket, and you say 'hey! that was a fun day'. Riiiight. What about the feeling you felt while actually dressing up for your big date? What about the adrenaline you felt while making your way down the stairs to rush to your car? What about the really nice feeling you had, once you got back home, when you just wanted to smile and think about that special person?

A scent gives you exactly that. It makes you feel how you actually felt that day.

The scent of a memory is priceless.

Have fun preserving your precious moments in a mere sniff. :)


  1. Okaaaaaaay! Well yeah its depends how much sniffy are you! :P and yes scents do bring back memories!

  2. Aah memories. Although I don't think scents work for everyone to jog memories. Different strokes for different folks.

  3. Thanks!

    @sammywiseguy: True that. They're just one of the 'strokes' I guess.

  4. Very true! I totally agree with you on this! Scents do bring back alot of memories and i know how many bottles you have saved to preserve the memories :p:p:p

  5. WOW.. u have saved empty bottles??? WOW.. thts a different way of saving a memory, almost reliving it again!

    Nicely put!!!