Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dil Mange Peacock.

Recalled during one of my Advertising classes way back.

An interesting topic was raised,  which is the most successful Ad ever made in Pakistan? There were a lot of guesses from Telenor, to Mobilink, Pepsi, Safeguard, and what not. Little did we know, that the most successful ad. till now, is 'Gaye Soap!'

Yes, quite unbelievable. Slightly amusing as well. Sources say that the animated cows dancing around on the screen, motivated people from rural areas to go for this animated product.

That is not it. Another amusing fact about our lovely population that I got to know was about Pepsi and their Ad campaign. In India, Pepsi launched their "Dil Mange More" campaign and it was an instant hit. They thought of launching the same campaign in Pakistan, and when they did so, it did not create that same impact. Shocked, Pepsi wanted to know the reason ofcourse. They were quite surprised when they got to know that majority of our population had thought of "Dil Mange More" as Dil Mange Peacock!

Pepsi changed their campaign to "Dil Mange Aur!" for very obvious reasons.


  1. Enjoyed reading......Karachi say Kashmir tak Gaye... the jingle resonated in my ears as I read your post...still entertaining as ever:)

  2. Hahahahahaha...... Trust us to amaze the corporates of the world

  3. And reading about the pepsi thing reminded me of another of their campaigns from the days when miandad was the coach! I am sure you can recall the viral parody ad that emerged :p

  4. sdjfhskjldfhlkasj

    my cat just ran across my keyboard ..

  5. Hahaha.

    Ashkhtb: Heh, thanks. True that! :)

    Sammy: (Sammy? :p), yes I do recall it, and lets not go there. :p

    ZohaiR(flipped): koolalalala.. i mean, oolalala..

  6. yes the flipped R stresses that my name is zohair with an R not a B

  7. "more" the verb and "more" the bird? Wow- leave it to our nation to change a perfectly fine tagline for a softdrink into a petshop slogan! :P

  8. Oh yeah - that's a nice way to break the ice with someone waisey. Do try it sometimes.


  9. Jad: For a minute, I thought I had a follower outside of AMM posse! xD

  10. asdfgertgh
    zohairs cat ran across my keyboard too
    on a serious note yeh dil maange aur of ur blogs hehe

  11. Umair: Buahaha - dude start blogging also!

  12. its a lie. people are not that illiterate in Pakistan after all.